Christina Finch


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Always interested in the arts growing up and now preferring three-dimensional media, Christina has discovered a love for exploring what can be done with clay. Her first 3D artworks as a kid were creatures made of rocks, shells, and chestnuts decorated with nail polish and googly eyes. Today, she still enjoys using the natural world for inspiration and strives to make intriguing yet often practically useful objects. Never forgetting what her elementary school art teacher said, “turn a mess-up into a non-mess-up”, some of Christina’s best ceramic works morph from an asymmetric bowl or simply a lump of clay with no finished piece in mind. Originally from Lexington, MA, she graduated in 2012 from Connecticut College with a major in Behavioral Neuroscience and minor in Art. She continues to dabble in artistic endeavors while working in the Emergency Department of a hospital in Boston and preparing to begin medical school in the fall of 2014.

2014 LOS Exhibit Location:
Lexington Arts and Crafts Society
130 Waltham Street
Lexington, MA

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Finch, Lexington Open Studios 2014