Rani Sarin

collage, mixed media painting

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The impulse to create begins inside my head. An intensity of color, a reaction to light, a sensation, a dream, a word, a mood, or a memory can trigger the process, leading me to the next step.....the tearing up of my mono prints. By arranging, re-arranging, layering and painting these, I breathe new life into a familiar image. The process continues till it takes on a life of its own, The work that emerges is a collage or a mixed media painting which pulsates with the excitement of the push and pull, the fragment and the art reflects the passing of time. The final image is fresh and vibrant, akin to the present moment that carries within itself the seed of all that has been.

2012 LOS Exhibit Location:
Munroe Center for the Arts
1403 Masssachusets Ave
Lexington, MA

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